How to use session in laravel

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How to use session in laravel :-

Laravel provides more inbuilt method to get and set session data. it’s easy to working with session in laravel.A session variable is used to store some information or some data about user or anything you want to access on all pages of an application.In laravel session configuration is stored in “app/config/session.php”.
so let’s see how to use session in laravel.
Setting a single variable in session :-

syntax :- Session::put('key', 'value');
example :- Session::put('email', $data['email']); //array index
           Session::put('email', $email); // a single variable
           Session::put('email', ''); // a string

Retrieving value from session :-

syntax :- Session::get('key');
example :- Session::get('email');

Checking a variable exist in session :-

// Checking email key exist in session.
if (Session::has('email')) {
  echo Session::get('email');

Deleting a variable from session :-

syntax :- Session::forget('key');
example :- Session::forget('email');

Removing all variables from session :-


Working with array values :-

Setting an array in session :-

$data = Array ( [_token] => P1VsHQZQdpguhWN82n9znnfuvG2aAf7fCk8SJtUV [email] => [password] => 123456 ) 

Session::push('user', $data);  //$data is an array and user is a session key.

Getting an array item from session :-

//array in session looks like 
Array (
    [0] => Array
            [_token] => P1VsHQZQdpguhWN82n9znnfuvG2aAf7fCk8SJtUV
            [email] =>
            [password] => 123456

//check and getting above array

if (Session::has('user')) {
  $user = Session::get('user');
  echo $user[0]['email'];

pushing an index in existing array in session :-

Session::push('user.mytoken', 'rakesh');
//will be pushed in user array with new index "mytoken" like:-
    [0] => Array
            [_token] => P1VsHQZQdpguhWN82n9znnfuvG2aAf7fCk8SJtUV
            [email] =>
            [password] => 123456

    [mytoken] => Array
            [0] => rakesh

Now you have all set with basics of laravel session for more information about using session in laravel Follow laravel session.

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    How to use ::flash() ??

    • rakesh sharma

      you can use like this Session::flash(‘key’, ‘value’);

  • hi how to use session?

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      Are you facing any issue? or need any help?

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    how to get id using session in laravel 5?

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      Try $session_id = Session::getId();

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    to use session like this, do i have to configure session in config/session.php?

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      no, that’s only required for persistent storage.

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    Hello, sorry I’m new to Laravel. How do I load logged-in user data from a database into a session so as to use them in a view? :-(

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