How to create pagination in laravel

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How to create pagination in laravel :-

When working with thousand or millions of record or working with bunch of data and need to show them then we need to divide into more pages to show all data in parts. to prevent millions of records show in a single page. records showing in parts is a good functionality to prevent query fails and long time process.
For this we need to use pagination (refers to links that allows you to navigate from page to page). so i am writing this article how to create pagination in laravel. We can easily create pagination in laravel with it’s own library also laravel provide twitter bootstrap pagination links for showing pagination counting.

laravel has paging configuration option in the “app/config/view.php” file. Laravel includes two views for pagination option to create pagination links :-
1. pagination::slider (shows “range” of links based on the current page)
2. pagination::simple (shows “previous” and “next” buttons)

Below we will see an example of how to create pagination in laravel :-

Controller :- create a controller under app/controllers/AccountController.php and add below code.

class AccountController extends BaseController {
  public function paging() {
    $users = User::paginate(15);
    return View::make('paging', compact('users'));

View :- create a controller under app/views/paging.blade.php and add below code.

<div class="container">
  <table width="60%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4" border="0" class="data">
    @foreach($users as $user)
      <td> {{ $user->u_firstname }} </td>
      <td> {{ $user->u_lastname }} </td>
      <td> {{ $user->u_email }} </td>
  <div class="pagination"> {{ $users->links() }} </div>

Routes:- add below code in app/routes.php

Route::get('account/paging', 'AccountController@paging');

How to create pagination in laravel

Simple Pagination :- if you want to show only “next” and “prev” link

$users = User::where('u_id', '>', 20)->simplePaginate(15);

create custom pagination in laravel :-

you can also create custom pagination using Paginator class Make() method. send your custom data to pagination

$paging = Paginator::make($items, $totalItems, $perPage);

//$data = $this->user->mymethod();
//$users = Paginator::make($data->items, $data->totalItems, 50);

So now you can see pagination on your view page. and you are done with article how to create pagination in laravel for more information about laravel pagaination follow official page

  • Xerra Sham

    hello..can u help me?i followed all the steps but still got an error

    ERROR: InvalidArgumentException in FileViewFinder.php line 137:View [paging] not found.


    public function index()
    $institutes = institutes::paginate(7);
    return View::make(‘paging’,compact(‘institutes’));



    @foreach($institutes as $institute)

    {{ $institute->name }}
    {{ $institute->type }}
    {{ $institute->established }}

    id) }}”>EDIT
    id) }}”>DELETE


    {{ $institutes->links() }}

    • Tayyaba Khalid

      The issue is here
      “return View::make(‘paging’,compact(‘institutes’));”
      You are not giving right path in the return view, it should be like this (according to where you have made the view):
      return View::make(‘institutes.index’,compact(‘institutes’));.

      Hope it helps you :)

  • Maha Dev

    Call to undefined method stdClass::links()

  • Hi Rakesh,
    This is old version of Program 5.2. I need 5.3 version. Please provide a working stuff for Laravel 5.3



  • Shekhar Jadon

    how to use pagination with angular 2

  • Ashokkumar Ravichandran

    thanks boss

  • Elkin

    thanks bro!