• Can you teach me the way to make a verfication email on codeigniter…
    like somebody who signs up on our website forum, after fiiling up all the forms, the will get a verification email…
    how to make that??

    • For this first insert all form date in db with a unique string/number(will be activation code). then send a email to user with a your site page link like http://example.com/activation.php?link='randomstring‘. then user click on this link for activation you need to match this random string on that page with your db inserted string . and show activate message

      • i mean.. can you give me the tutorial about that..
        the script and all the settings …
        thank you

        • for now i have not any this type of script . you can use google for this and you will get more scripts

  • John babu19

    what is access token from where we get is var $access_token from this code. thanks in advance

  • John babu19

    what is access token? From where we get this variable $access_token from above code. thanks in advance

  • NonZero

    Where is your access token value ?
    $access_token ??