Translate wordpress plugin in your language

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How to translate wordpress plugin in your language

Plugin localization in wordpress is basic need. also require if we serve it in on wordpress plugin directory. so we need to translate plugin language or add localization to our plugin. Also wordpress is multilingual. so support for all language we need to translate our plugin in any language for support all types of language or localization.there is inbuilt tools poedit or many other tools that makes localization or translate plugin easy for us.
Below i am sharing simple steps how to change or translate plugin language in wordpress :-

1. First we need to download poedit from

2. then Install poedit on your local computer or machine. after successful installation open your poeditor(on windows use shortcut or threw programs ).

3. Now go to File menu click on “New Catalog”. A popup window will open. Insert project name and choose char-set utf-8.


4. Then click on path tab and click new item and fill “../” for plugin folder i.e( if your folder name rakesh and all the php files is in then give path “../”).


5. Then click on keywords wordpress translates only two function( _e , __ ) keywords for every language. if code is in those two functions then it will be translatable code. and then click on “ok” (and choose path where you want to save default PO file)


Note:- Click ok when you finished all three step.

6. After save default.po in the folder then it’s search code for translate and then translatable code will be appear in the poedit.

7. For translate code click on line by line in original string block and write your code in last section. then after write all code. click on file menu save as file like (yourpluginname-fr_FR)for french.

For translate plugin your code must be like this:-
__(“your msg”, ‘your unique name’)
_e(“your msg”, ‘your unique name’)

then poedit process for translate code.

For edit File in future (When you update your plugin):- Click on File menu -> Open tab and open your PO file and click on update or update from source and add your text.

  • summ3r

    For WordPress localization projects, I strongly recommend the collaborative translation management app

    It has Translation Memory and a plugin to import, export or sync your files with the POEditor translations:

    It can easily be used to translate themes or plugins (even for free, if your .po files don’t contain many strings).