• arkonl

    It’s Great to use Github for Auth. What about Twitter?

    • rakesh sharma

      Ok, i will sure update this with all providers, For now you can just follow this process same as for twitter just create an app on twitter and add in configuration make same type of routes and done.

  • João Mello

    ErrorException in AbstractProvider.php line 221:
    Undefined index: access_token

    • rakesh sharma

      Means you are missing some app configuration on provider or your routes or redirect url is wrong so access token not getting on controller.

    • M.Kuhs

      My solution to this problem was an error in my app/services.php – in the definition of the ‘redirect’ property of the OAuth service provider:
      ‘github’ => [
      ‘client_id’ => ‘blablahblah’,
      ‘client_secret’ => ‘badlidbladiblah’,
      ‘redirect’ => ‘http://homestead.app:8000/auth/github/callback’,

      The ‘redirect’ must be the same as you defined in your routes and the application definition of your Service Provider.

  • Geo

    Is there a way to use this with angularJS?

    • rakesh sharma

      Hi @geo i am not knowledge of still angularjs but if i can i will sure try this and let you know thanks

  • Jesus Cieza

    Gracias me sirvió de mucho

  • Leandro Ramos

    I got an error :(

    FatalErrorException in AccountController.php line 6:
    Class ‘AppHttpControllersController’ not found

    • rakesh sharma

      Working on laravel 4 to 5? just laking of namesapces.

      namespace AppHttpControllers;
      use AppHttpControllersController;

  • Mitesh

    Got Invalid state exception error

  • Benjie Bantecil

    Hi. Is it possible combine the Laravel-Socialite with Basic Authentication? I have the Basic Authentication implemented. And when I tried to integrate the socialite, the application messed up.

  • Jonathan Soifer

    First of all, thank you. This helped me a lot.

    I just wanted to know: why sometimes it is “Socialite” (which makes sense to me) and why sometimes you use “SocialiZe”?

  • acep abdurohman

    why i can’t update my composer ? i’m using laravel 5.0

  • Ardhy Ansa

  • Mission Php

    I am getting this

    cURL error 7: Failed to connect to graph.facebook.com port 443: Connection timed out (see http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html)

  • gaurabd

    I am getting this error

    FatalThrowableError in AccountController.php line 8:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method LaravelSocialiteSocialiteServiceProvider::with()

  • Samnang NH

    how to check if facebook token expired? and if facebook token expired redirect to site.come/login

    • Smail Lkouatli

      facebook token is not always provided when you get the object from facebook , be careful ;)

  • Smail Lkouatli

    i have a problem , when i click on login , it send me to facebook and i accept , but after that i’m getting 404 on my app ……. anyone got this problem before !?? plz help me :) thank you

  • streamaps

    Tutorial not complet