• Mas Adi

    FatalErrorException in b5d931a3748d84761ffaf205c9c1b0ec line 7:Class ‘Form’ not found

    • http://www.tutsnare.com/ tut snare

      The FormBuilder is a separate package. Pull in “illuminate/html” to get it back. you miss something on laravel install

  • Geeta

    how to insert data through multi form l5

  • sukumar

    I got this error Class ‘AppHttpControllersInput’ not found how can i solve this..

    • http://www.tutsnare.com/ tut snare

      If you are working with laravel 5 then you need to include all classes with use Input; manually like

      <?php namespace AppHttpControllers;
      use Input; // for input
      use Validator; // for validation
      use Redirect; // for redirection
      class AccountController extends Controller {

      • sukumar

        Thank you it’s working fine now..

  • Juliver Galleto

    when i tried to seed the database, i got this error “[ReflectionException] Class UserTableSeeder does not exist” though I already created the UserTableSeeder.php in database/seeder folder along with the DatabaseSeeder.php and put the code for it. Any help please?

    • rakesh sharma

      you need to create seeds using migrations. first create migration do your changes in databse/migration/yournewmigration then call it via database/seeds/databaseseeder.php using $this->call(‘UserTableSeeder’);

      • malayaldev

        Same problem happens to me, I have created the migration after that created “UserTableSeeder.php” file but getting the same error

        “[ReflectionException] Class UserTableSeeder does not exist”

  • http://naunaucan.com Yudi Vitrian

    hi nice article…but i got error TokenMismatchException in VerifyCsrfToken.php line 46: i am using L5 Any solution of this error? thx

    • http://caisaroentoro.wordpress.com Caisar Oentoro

      add this line in your input form:

      • http://naunaucan.com Yudi Vitrian

        L5 automatically generate csrf_token if i submit form still got error

    • rakesh sharma

      Then you should go for laravel 5 login authentication tutorial. check http://tutsnare.com/authentication-with-laravel-5/

      • http://naunaucan.com Yudi Vitrian

        i just follow this tutorial and i got error csrf issues..i try to figure it out..and check official laravel forums i not found good answer … if i comment ‘appHttpMiddlewareVerifyCsrfToken’, on kernel.php this error solved…but this is bad approach security issues.. and thx for referrer link

  • https://www.youtube.com/ Immanuel

    hi sir

    • rakesh sharma

      HI Immanuel

  • Wizard

    Is this example for Laravel 4.*? Because Laravel 5 has a new authentication system that seems more secure and reliable.

  • Felipe Garcia Lopez


    Awesome tuto , i have a question when i write this part $email = Auth::user()->email;$id = Auth::id();? thanks

  • Anoop Singh

    Object not found!

    The requested URL was not found on this server.

    If you entered the URL manually please check your
    spelling and try again.

    If you think this is a server error, please contact
    the webmaster.

    Error 404


    Apache/2.4.17 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.2d PHP/5.6.15

  • Mayra A. Rodriguez M

    Hi, I want to know if the value of csrf_token is the same that laravel save in remember_token (database)

    • luernes

      Hola Mayra, quisiera hacerte una pregunta, veo que has topado con csrf_token y se trata de eso.

      llevo algo mas de 2 meses desarrollando una aplicación Laravel 5.2, básicamente es una API Restful y ademas consumo algunas API de terceros. Mi problema llega ahora que ya he hecho el deploy a azure. Localmente no me pasa, pero no se realmente que es lo que esta pasando.

      Es algo que no sucede siempre, pero cuando pasa no se pq ocurre, en ocasiones recibo error de CSRF token mismatch. No se si pudieras recomendarme alguna documentación que claramente enfoque este aspecto a la hora del diseño de una aplicación. Un detalle es que para la actualización de datos en mi aplicación utilizo ajax, enviando por supuesto el token como header de cada request.

      No se si deba hacer algo diferente o si se trate de algo que debo configurar en mi php.


      • Mayra A. Rodriguez M

        Hola Ernesto, si todavía tienes el problema puedes escribirme a mi correo mayrarodriguez1709@gmail.com para conversar mejor, quizás te pueda apoyar!

  • Bachhu singh

    Class AppHttpControllersAccountController does not exist what we do plz help