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How to install sublime text 3

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How to install sublime text 3 on windows or ubuntu I am also using sublime text 3 text editor as a code editor. As per official site says about this “Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. You’ll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features… Read more »

Awesome jquery – google play minimal tabs plugin

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Awesome jquery – google play minimal tabs plugin :-

If you search for jquery tabs plugin you will found more good plugins on google. but hard to choose which is best suitable for you. a jquery ui tabs plugins is also awesome but in my opinion i have also found a new ans good tabs plugin named google play minimal tabs with CSS3 & jQuery. it’s a really awesome jquery tabs plugin. give it a try and you like it.
Below i am sharing screenshot and demo for it. also where you can download it.

2 Awesome syntax highlighter

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2 Awesome syntax highlighter – syntax highlighter – Alex Gorbatchev and google-code-prettify :-
Today’s time is blogging, frameworks and more to internet, so everyone needs to make site user friendly and beautiful. there is one more plugin for make site look’s good it’s syntax highlighter. i found two useful syntax highlighter for site so i am sharing these on my this tutorial. one is syntax highlighter-Alex Gorbatchev and second one google-code-prettify – syntax highlighting. Both syntax highlighter makes your code or any highliting things better and user friendly.
Both syntax highlighter syntax highlighter-Alex Gorbatchev and google-code-prettify easy to use. we can easily integrate these in our site we need to include there js and done. also there is built in plugin for wordpress like syntaxhighlighter evolved for wordpress and for google-code-prettify – prettify code syntax for wordpress. we can use both wordpress syntaxhighlighter plugin for makes blog looks better.let’s see how these makes our code i am including screenshots for this.

Simple jquery tooltip plugin-tipper

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Simple jquery tooltip plugin – tipper :-

It’s need today to make your title beautiful with helping some tooltip plugin. there is more library or jquery plugin for tooltip but i found really a nice plugin for jquery tooltip so i am sharing this plugin for you.
Tooltips makes text beautiful on hover mouse on form elements and title or data-title attribute is displayed in a little box next to the element, just like a native tooltip.
There is a jquery tipper plugin for that tipper plugin create your tooltip smart. it’s easy to create a tooltip using tipper.

Netbeans autocomplete or code completion for codeigniter

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How to get netbeans autocomplete or code completion for codeigniter without any plugin:-

Autocomplete or code completion :- A instruction or help for related code completion. it’s a feature which is provided by many code editor or IDE(netbeans, dream weaver, eclipse etc.) to write code with help. it shows instructions for functions, syntax what you want to write we can choose from list if we found suitable. Recently I installed netbeans for php development for windows 7. then start works and found it’s netbeans not provide any inbuilt autocomplete feature for codeigniter. so i searched on internet and found many helpful tutorial and get it there is not any inbuilt plugin for this you need to done it manually by code in codeigniter. so below we will see what i did to get netbeans autocomplete or code completion for codeigniter.

Customize alert box javascript-alertifyjs

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Customize alert box javascript – alertify.js :-

Sometime we need to make stylish alert and confirm box in javascript. default browser dialogs never looked so good for make dialogs stylish there are a good library for this. Using this library we can make javascript dialogs stylish. such a good library Alertfy makes your dialogs beautiful. there is simple function to add style to alert and confirm box javascript.

Onclick open new chart highcharts

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Onclick open new chart or category subcategory chart highcharts :-

Sometime we need to make a new chart onclick existing chart like category subcategory chart. so here we can make new chart onclick existing chart using highcahrts. highcharts is most using charts library to make graphs in javascript. we can easily integrate or make charts using highcharts api. we are using example of column. bar and pie charts. below i am showing category charts first then opened subcategory charts on click category.