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Add class dynamically using angularjs

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How to add class dynamically using angularjs with examples If you are working with angularjs. Then you will found there are many of directives exist to make your work easy. Like similiar using ngClass directive we can easily remove or add class dynamically using angularjs. Below we’ll look some quick… Read more »

Create custom filters in angularjs

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How to create custom filters in angularjs with example In angularjs there are many built-in filters which make your work easy. But sometime need to create custom filters in angularjs which is not in built-in filters. What is filters in angularjs :- A filter helps you to formats the value… Read more »

Routing in angularjs using ui-router

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AngularJS provides a simple way to create single page applications. To create single page applications we need to use routing. Using routing in angularjs we can create an application navigate to another page without site refresh. Just you see only url changes dynamically. We are not using ngRoute to create… Read more »

Post form data using angularjs

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How to post form data using angularjs and process in php Most of developers using jquery, ajax to post form data. But now a new library comes out with named angularjs. In angularjs $http service provided to communicate remote http servers. There are many ways to post form data using… Read more »

Form validation with angularJS

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How to use form validation with angularjs If we want to implement client-side form validation try to make your form validation with angularjs, a new js framework available that’s angularjs. AngularJS includes cool features to make client-side form validations easy. There are many form properties and directives are available to… Read more »