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Tutsnare is a programming blog, where you can find helpful articles about php, php frameworks, wp, js. The site was started Dec 2014 by me (Rakesh Sharma).

About Me:-

I am a php developer by profession, currently working in an IT organization. Blogging is my part time job for now. The reason behind start blog to share things which i have done and which i found interesting, so this can be helpful for anyone. I want to be a professional blogger hope this will with my hard work and learning :)

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  • OnlyOnce

    I think your site is hacked. On this page clicking anywhere opens a window with infinite popups and playing something that looks like it’s trying to get me to install a scam program: http://tutsnare.com/post-form-data-using-angularjs/

  • shareef

    Hi Rakesh,

    I am new to php and wordpress and trying to develop new theme, and getting error “Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array” and i have a small project at hand, is it possible that you help me in that