2 Awesome syntax highlighter

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2 Awesome syntax highlighter – syntax highlighter – Alex Gorbatchev and google code prettify :-

Today’s time is blogging, frameworks and more to internet, so everyone needs to make site user friendly and beautiful. there is one more plugin for make site look’s good it’s syntax highlighter. i found two useful syntax highlighter for site so i am sharing these on my this tutorial. one is syntax highlighter – Alex Gorbatchev and second one google code prettify – syntax highlighting. Both syntax highlighter makes your code or any highlighting things better and user friendly.
Both syntax highlighter syntax highlighter-Alex Gorbatchev and google-code-prettify easy to use. we can easily integrate these in our site we need to include there js and done. also there is built in plugin for wordpress like syntaxhighlighter evolved for wordpress and for google-code-prettify – prettify code syntax for wordpress. we can use both wordpress syntaxhighlighter plugin for makes blog looks better.let’s see how these makes our code i am including screenshots for this.

1. syntax highlighter by Alex Gorbatchev :-


Download CodeDownload WordPress Plugin

2. google code prettify :-


Download CodeDownload WordPress Plugin

There is also more syntax highlighter plugin for wordpress for both and many of new.