10 tips to start your blog with wordpress

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Today blogging is a passion and increasing widely over the Internet. There are many bloggers who are not familiar with wordpress. So why i am sharing article 10 tips to start your blog with wordpress. This article will help you to get start your blog with wordpress. WordPress is a famous blogging tool for now and day by day it’s being more popular as a blogging engine. Let’s start how to start your blog with wordpress.

10 tips to start your blog with wordpress

1. Install WordPress to get start

To start blogging with wordpress, just download wordpress from wordpress.org. Now upload your file and start installation step by step. You will see all instructions to follow a install. You just need to enter some database details and personal details to start.

2. Choose your logo and theme

After successfully installed wordpress, choose an appropriate theme. You can find many beautiful free themes on wordpress theme directory. To install a theme just login to your admin panel and go to Appearance>themes>Add New>Search Themes> click to install. Now you are ready with theming of your blog. You can make a logo using free online tools. choose your logo to suit your theme.

3. Make Secure your blog

WordPress is not more secure against spams and hacker, so you must need to make it secure. i am including some steps to make secure your wordpress blog below.

1. Make your wordpress username and password secure. choose some other names and password to no guess anyone. and change your password regularly after somedays.
2. Make your databse name secure and use secure table prefix.
3. Stay update with wordpress(make your wordpress up to date)
4. Delete unused plugins and even unused images.
5. Use wordpress security plugins – There are many security plugins to make secure your wordpress blog like BulletProof Security, iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) etc.

4. Make your blog SEO

Now you need to make your blog to search engine friendly. To make this you don’t need more effort you just need to find some suitable plugins for your blog to make better SEO. Just give a install of seo plugins and setup plugins and your blog ready to go seo friendly. i have included best free wordpress seo plugins in my previous article. Choose an appropriate one.

5. Submit your sitemap to search engines

After setup a seo plugins, Now you need to generate a sitemap and submit on major search engines. SEO plugins provide you step by step instructions to make this step easily.

6. Make your site Social

Now you need to make your blog to social friendly. So users can share and spred your blog and articles. Socialize is now a best to make your blog famous. To make socialize your blog there is many plugins for social share and social follow, which provide to make your blog socialize. So just need to install plugin and let’s do that their job.

7. Make your comment system user friendly

Comments is also important thing for any blog.Default wordpress comment system doesn’t provide you social login and more beautiful ways. and also have a spammer friendly, so you need to make your comment system user friendly. There is a popular comment system plugin disqus comments. Which make your comment system better and also there is more plugins to do that.

8. Invite users to subscribe your blog

It’s a most important thing to get your blog popular. On wordpress plugin directory you can find more plugins, which gives you fulfill this requirements. So your users can get an email on each new article or stay with your updates. This is an another way to increase visitors on your blog.

9. Make pages about you and policy

A blog mainly based behind a man. So it’s a main thing that you create page about your blog, about authors, your privacy policy and terms. So visitors can read about blog and what is blog mainly based.

10. Start writing

Now you can start writing some articles/posts to get start. Keep your blog content unique and fresh. So users can subscribe you and spread your blog. It’s an important thing cause “Unique content is king” to monetize your blog. Always write about new things, technologies to attract users.

Hope these 10 tips to start your blog with wordpress helpful for you. This article mainly based on what i done to start my blog with wordpress.